Original recipe Thewie Pluses 1 box


15 in 1 Sweet without sugar WITH sweetener 50 Kcal/ sachet /15Gram x 15 Sachets

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Tastes like "caffe latte" with about 2 spoonfuls of sugar. (Sweet from Sucralose) No Sugarded

Ingredients : Instant Coffee (Arabica) 25% Inulin 7%Psyllium Husk Powder 3.5 %L-Ka Carnitine 3% Goji Berry Extract 3% Acerola Cherry Extract 2.5% Ganoderma Lucidum Extract 2.5% Green Tea Extract 2% Beta Glucan from Yeast 1.7% L - Glutathione 1.% Pomegranate Extract 0.5% grape seed extract 0.2% Coenzyme Q10 0.1% Sucralose 0.06%, (use Sucralose as sweetener) Rice bran oil creamer 47.94 %

Preparation: add 1 sachet with 120 ML hot water and stir well. Recommended daily quantity: 2 sachets

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